Helen Rides V, All Saints Church, NYC, December 2019

Playbill for Helen Rides V, designed by Gretta Johnson and Amanda Friedman

Installation documentation, Helen Rides V, All Saints Church, NYC, 2019; Performance Proposal (Light Castle - Moth HRV), 2019, porcelain, glaze, dimensions variable & Performance Proposal (Light Castle - Ladders HRV), 2019, porcelain, glaze, dimensions variable - Image: Amanda Jasnowski Pascual

Play and installation documentation, Helen Rides V, All Saints, NYC, 2019; Scene 1: Blue Moth Choir is drawn to the glowing ceramic light castle, they sing and flap painting wings. Performers (The Blue Moth Choir): Jamie Chan, Sophy Naess, Eleven Muldrow, Wilder Alison,

Linnea Vedder, Lizzie Wright, Jeannine Han - Image: Amanda Jasnowski Pascual

Helen Rides IV, All Saints Church, NYC, April 2019

Poster for Helen Rides IV, designed by Josh Brand