Amanda Friedman

Everyday Drawings and Pyramids


Exhibition on view at Grifter, 75 East Broadway, Unit 221, NY, NY
September + October 2020
Under the Manhattan Bridge, within a grotto made of flattened paper pyramids and many marks.


Everyday Drawings, standard
Everyday Drawings, subgroups = Calendar and Performance Proposal (Helen Rides 6)
Pyramid Painting, singular
Pyramid Paintings, plural, two-sided = Grotto
Mourning Doves, from The Fire Escape Café
Blue Moths, slippage between systems, cosmos, times = Present
Several Solos
A Few Duets
Clay Castle Memory
New Planets, in this world

ACT 1:

Scene 1 --- 9/11, Opening
Windows are walls. There are at least two see-through doors at this corner.

Scene 2 --- 9/17, New Moon
New Planet/s Rising, Set intentions

Scene 3 --- 10/1, Hunter Full Moon
Pyramids Fall, Fly, Overlap, Flip

Scene 4 --- 10/16, New Moon
Many To No Days, Set intentions
Nights and days bleed together. Pyramids prop up days.

Scene 5 --- 10/29, 10/30, 10/31, Blue Full Moon
Shapes and shapes, the moon and shapes, singing makes me feel better.
Shapes and shapes, the moon and shapes, singing makes me whole. 

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Images: Cary Whittier