2ND EDITION of 'Drawing Hilma af Klint: A Coloring Book Influenced by the work of Hilma af Klint' published March, 2019

THURSDAY 3/14/19 - 5-8 pm
@ SITUATIONS Gallery, 127 Henry Street, NYC, NY 

DRAWING HILMA AF KLINT: A COLORING BOOK INFLUENCED BY THE WORK OF HILMA AF KLINT - an artist book of collaborative line drawings by Ariel Dill, Denise Schatz, and Amanda Friedman  
Published by Miniature Garden

Splash Zone @ 182 Ave. C

Curated by Am Schmidt
On view from 2/21/19 - 3/3/19
Open Thursday - Sunday 2pm - 7pm 

SASD and HCC Faculty Show @ Schelfhaudt Gallery @ The University of Bridgeport
3rd iteration of my play, Helen Rides @ Prattsville Art Center Prattsville, NY

June 24, 2018 

School of Making & Thinking Performance & Playwriting Residency

2 weeks in June, 2018 
@ the Prattsville Art Center in Prattsville, NY 

Encore performance of scenes 2&4 plus more from "Helen Rides" @ Safe Gallery 5/23 @ 8PM!

excerpts of Helen Rides, a one act play by Amanda Friedman in conjunction with Amanda Friedman's artworks in the show Amanda Friedman / Peter LaBier. 

With: Gretta Johnson, Irina Jasnowski Pascual, & Amanda Friedman 
Props, set, & costumes: Andrew D’Angelo, Amanda Friedman, Irina Jasnowski Pascual, & Gretta Johnson
Lighting: Irina Jasnowski Pascual
Voice recording: Charity Coleman
Written and directed by: Amanda Friedman
With text by: Helen Adam & Charity Coleman
Full production credits from the version of this play performed on May 5th in the gallery are listed on the Safe Gallery website. 
Special thanks to: Jim Maynard & Aaron Goldsman of The Poetry Collection at the University at Buffalo Libraries 
Loosely adapted from: Helen Adam's short story, Riders to Blokula (published in 1979 by Hanging Loose Press)

Safe show press! See Ravelin Magazine link!

A lot of performance documentation/video posted @ Ravelin too! 

A One Act Play in Five Scenes: Helen Rides @ Safe Gallery

A one act play by Amanda Friedman called "Helen Rides" to be performed on May 5th at 7:30pm.
With: Clara Chapin, Gretta Johnson, Jo’Lisa Jones, and Amanda Friedman 
Music: Josh Brand and Joanna Yagerman 
Props, set, and costumes: Andrew D’Angelo, Amanda Friedman, Irina Jasnowski Pascual, and Gretta Johnson
Makeup: Andrew D’Angelo
Lighting: Irina Jasnowski Pascual
Choreography and vocal arrangements: Clara Chapin and Jo’Lisa Jones
Voice recording: Charity Coleman
Written and directed by: Amanda Friedman
With text by: Helen Adam and Charity Coleman
Special thanks to: Jim Maynard and Aaron Goldsman of The Poetry Collection at the University at Buffalo Libraries 
Loosely adapted from: Helen Adam’s short story, Riders to Blokula (published in 1979 by Hanging Loose Press)

Opening @ Safe Gallery

Amanda Friedman / Peter LaBier 

opens April 27th 7-9PM
and is up through May 27th 
1004 Metropolitan Ave. near Morgan Ave. in Brooklyn
Safe Gallery hours: 12-6PM Sat./Sun. - be in touch if you'd like to meet @ the show outside of regular hours ;) 

Release of Oasis

I contributed a writing/drawing piece on the Goetheanum to Oasis, the 5th issue of Prospect, a landscape studies journal edited by Nancy Seaton and Marie Warsh. 

Shimizu Brand photo booth at Nada Miami

I have a paper moon artwork as prop in Shimizu Brand's artwork/prop filled photo booth install at the fair! 

Canada Gallery Benefit Auction: Friends for Puerto Rico
1st Year Retrospective @ Miller

August 1 - September 1, 2017

17 Essex Street, NYC, NY

First Ever and the Only East Hampton Biennial

curated by Woobie Bogus and Adrianne Rubenstein 

helped w/IMPURE FICTION production of Brecht's The Caucasin Chalk Circle @ Kunstverein Hannover

w/Shimizu Brand @ The Middler Art Fair

6/22 - 25

SITUATIONS ATHENS performance with Delia Gonzalez and Rich Porter + temporary drawing installation


**Performance begins at 7pm


Group show @ Shimizu Brand

New Spring @ Ghost, Spirited by John-Elio Reitman

New Spring

Sometime in April through Late May - Spirited by John-Elio Reitman

Works by: Loretta Barrera, Andrew Cannon, Lali Foster, Amanda Friedman, Max Guy, Heather-Anne Halpert, John-Elio Reitman, Saige Rowe, Adrianne Rubenstein, and Cici Wu.

NEW SPRING is upon us! It is unclear when it started or when it will stop. Early indicators for its arrival were the thaw, bird song, the emergence of crocus flowers, outdoor café seating, the flow of tree sap.

How much longer before it all goes to shit?

“Because of the extreme cold last year, the season only lasted three to four weeks. This year, if the weather pattern holds, [we] are hoping that the season will last seven or eight weeks. It is a pretty decent year. If we were growing what would kill us is seven days of 60 to 70 degree weather.”

I saw the signs on the Taconic State Parkway, I saw the sign for EXIT 26: CROWN MAPLE / MADAVA FARMS, NEXT RIGHT. I followed the sign. I drove past acres of maple trees and ~250 miles of installed maple tubing, sucking sap directly to the processing facility. The farm, the gift shop, the café and the facility were not open for visitors that day. I walked around the woods and the perimeters of the buildings. The tubing looked not unlike the electricity wires running along the side of the dirt road that leads up the side of the property.

Ghost is located in the woods, accessible by portal; the astral plane; the internet. Ghost can be animated with electricity by a generator (Honda EU2000i). This generator emits carbon monoxide gas. Odourless, colourless, tasteless, it is harmful and dangerous to you and I. It is difficult to detect, like the subtle changes in the seasons. The barn was falling over, but now it is not. Ghost is hosted by Colin Alexander.  ghostfeaturefilm.com

@ NADA New York w/Regina Rex

with Kristen Jensen, EJ Hauser, and Corey Escoto 
March 2-5th
Skylight Clarkson North, 572 Washington St. 

Screening night! @ solo show: Jane, Grace, and Emily

Saturday, January 14th, 5-7pm

MILLER, 17 Essex Street, New York 10002

Throughout Amanda Friedman's show at the MILLER, she has been working with Lauren Anderson in the gallery at night. Together, they made a video from within and with the space of the exhibition, playing with lights and reflections. What they have generated activates the installation, and pushes Friedman's idea of time-based painting.

Anderson and Friedman have also invited several artists they are in conversation with to screen their short videos. The screening will begin at 5:30pm and features: Lauren Anderson, Amanda Friedman, Josh Brand, Heather Anne Halpert, Kate Ruggeri, and Alina Tenser.



JAN 7 - 29, 2017
6 - 9PM 

"Power is not brute force and money; power is in your spirit. Power is in your soul. It is what your ancestors, your old people gave you. Power is in the earth; it is in your relationship to the earth."  

- Winona LaDuke

*Above image: Thoughtform: Good Luck 1 by Amanda Friedman

 NEW YORK, NY 10002 

Jane, Grace, and Emily

opening Friday, Dec. 9th 6-8PM

installed through Jan. 22nd 

Lauren Anderson and I will activate the painting installation through the show's duration. The gallery will host a screening of the animation we make along with other shorts on Sat., Jan. 14th. 

text for the show: 

When I make up characters it reminds me that I’m multi-layered, scattered, many. When I give a thing a name or call it part of my making-vocabulary, it becomes distinct: a working component. One such being is the Lost Keychain I’ve featured in my last three plays.

A character is an eccentric; this feels like a suitable definition to have in the room. And there is that thing within people, good or bad character. Where and how does that work? It is relative and when articulated can only be semi-trusted.

Jane, Grace, and Emily are three characters in Lynne Tillman’s first novel Haunted Houses. Nora recommended it to me and I finished it the day this show was confirmed. It tells the stories of these three women growing up. Normal, nowhere (New York), cold and chewy. My grandma just stopped being able to walk. But at ninety-eight, she says she is ready. Re:her past, things were not good.

This show subscribes to non-linear living time. It is an exercise in time-based painting. The lights are seasonal - if anything, it is dark early now, often and overhead.


Housed in painting, I work with diverse materials: paint, canvas, found objects, paper, lighting gels, colored pencil, cardboard, wire. The pieces in this show commune to create a total-space - one looks through a plastic lighting gel, to a scene in a rectangle depicting a cardboard cutout. Parts talk to each other; it is a team effort.


I organized a performance evening in reaction to the works of Rosemary Mayer

Performance evening: Sunday Nov. 20th, 6PM
@ SOUTHFIRST GALLERY, 60 North 6th St. in brooklyn 

Elise Duryee-Browner will give a short topical speech.

Amanda Friedman will be uniquely activating one of Rosemary Mayer’s text pieces in “Turn Again”. The artists Phoebe d'Heurle, Brie Ruais, Linnea Vedder-Shults and Lizzie Wright will be performing in this piece. 

This event is organized in conjunction with the current gallery show: 
Rosemary Mayer
October 21 - December 11, 2016

Bard MFA Thesis Show

IMAGES: http://www.artandeducation.net/yearbook/bard-mfa-class-of-2017-thesis-exhibition/

July 16th-23rd, 2016
UBS Exhibition Space, Red Hook, NY 

Summer Anagram, NURTUREart

Curated by Marco Antonini 

SIX: A benefit for Regina Rex
A Play, "Keychain's Steam Dream", performance @ Essex Flowers 5/28

A part of the Essex Flowers Flower Festival 

drawing show @ dctv
in group exhibit/project: Turing's Apple, a show organized by Tony Oursler

@Redling Fine Art in LA 

@ Frontispiece Residency in upstate, NY (Jan 2016)
Play @ U.S. Blues mentioned in Art News
I Lost Something In The Hills Or A Painting Of Blue Roses, A play

@ U.S. Blues, 29 Ash St. Brooklyn

Dec. 12th and 13th
doors @ 7pm, show @ 8pm 

Press re:Being Essex Flowers in Chicago

write up in New City 

Spring Break Show, curated by Jen Sullivan

Trust Fall   - curated by Jen Sullivan 

Amanda Friedman, Alicia Gibson, Emma Gray, Tim Lokiec, Erica Magrey, Max Maslansky, Margaux Ogden, Sophia Peer, Courtney Puckett, Andrew Ross, Davina Semo, Matthew Spiegelman 
@ Skylight at Moynihan Station at 307 West 31st St at 8th Ave

Being Essex Flowers @ Adds Donna

curated by Kendra Jayne Patrick 
March 22nd - April 15th, 2015
4223 West Lake Street, Chicago, IL

PICK ONE @ (harbor)

curated by Regina Rex 
221 Madison St. New York, NY, 10002

Sisrahtac @ Torrance Shipman Gallery

organized by Brie Ruais and Maria Stabio
December 16 - January 16, 2015 
Opening: Tuesday, December 16, 7-9pm 

219 36th St, 4th Floor in Sunset Park, Brooklyn 

Shandaken Retrospective




organized by Amanda Friedman 
November 22 – December 21, 2014
SOUTHFIRST, 60 N6th Street, Brooklyn, NY

Book Launch, Reading Room Opening & Open Coloring Session

Sunday, November 9th, 5-7PM

@ Jackie Klempay, 81 Central Ave. #1A, Brooklyn
in collaboration with Miniature Garden 

Reading Room Open Hours continue: 
Saturday and Sunday, November 15th & 16th, 1-5PM

Drawing Hilma Af Klint - published by Miniature Garden - @ NY Art Book Fair @ MOMAPS1

A new artist book made in collaboration w/ Ariel Dill & Denise Schatz will be released during the NY Art Book Fair, Sept. 26-28! Check it out at Miniature Garden in the small press dome. 

Drawing for Hilma Af Klint: An Event @ The Shandaken Project!

Led by Ariel Dill & Amanda Friedman  

with Nocturnal Rites by Frank Haines & Robbie McDonald   
Sat. Sept. 21 @ The Shandaken Project, Shandaken, NY

PDF via The Petrella's app @ Night Gallery LA
Drawing for Hilma Af Klint: a collaborative art/coloring book edition

book launch date/time//place tbd (but coming in September 2014)! published by Miniature Garden 

Carousel Presents: Kinesis Pieces

A conversation to locate the body in work.  

Moves/ words by Amanda Friedman and Joanna Yagerman  

Costumes by Olivia Gibian  

Slides by Mary Manning  

8-9pm Tuesday, May 20th 

performance at 8:15pm
at Essex Flowers, 365 Grand St, New York, NY 10002  

Painting exhibition on view by Andy Meerow (extended through 5/21/14) 

Carousel is an exhibition experiment. Regular one-night-only ”openings” will showcase an artist and their use of a mechanical slide projector. CAROUSEL is organized by artists Gabriela Salazar and Mary Choueiter. Contact at info@carouselproject.com. Locations TBA.

Momenta Art Benefit
Spotlight Poetry Reading in conjunction w/ Devil's Dust @ South First Gallery

Spotlight Poetry Reading
with Rachel Glaeser, Sophy Naess & Kayla Guthrie Thursday, February 27th, 7-8 PM. 

image below: Kayla singing in front of painting made for performance, Spotlight Poetry Reading and Songs Rachel, Sophy, Kayla 2/27/14

Devil's Dust with Alissa McKendrick @ SOUTHFIRST

opens Feb. 21st and on view through March 23rd

Peradam Press @ the LA Art Book Fair - featured on bmoreart.com
Other People's Paintings
Fun press/interesting story from Milli Vanilli Exhibit/Opera set!
Spotlight painting made for performance @ FJORD exhibition that is on view through January

pic above is Bunny reading in front of the painting I made just for her reading --- Spotlight Bunny Rogers Poetry Reading @ FJORD in Philly  

Writing re:my work on Turbulence

piece by Kendra Patrick. 

Featured Artist Project: SP Weather Station - I\'m a 2013 portfolio artist

January 17 - March 29, 2014
@ Center For Book Arts, NYC, 28 W 27th St, 3rd Fl

Merkx & Gwynne Present:

Former Models: An Exhibition 
January 16 - February 1, 2014
@ BRIC House, Brooklyn, NY 

Interview on BLONDE ART BOOKS - Just Another Day At The Beach - Because Nothing Ends by Amanda Friedman
To Fade And Spill Out And (And Look At Another\'s Whole) @ FJORD in Philly

Opening: Jan. 3rd @ 6-8PM  
Poetry Reading by Bunny Rogers and Catalogue Release: Jan. 18th @ 7:30PM

A two month curatorial project spanning Jan. - Feb. 2014 by Jamie Felton and Zachary Rawe. 
FJORD Gallery 2419 Frankford Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19125

mentioned in \"The Year in, and Beyond, the Galleries\" on Galleristny, 12/18/2013

December 14, 7-10PM
Brooklyn Heights 
37 Willow St., Apt. 3

artwork above installed in bookshelf during exhibit: 

Thought Form: Try And Try Again, 2013, oil, acrylic, paper, t-shirt, and pastel, 40x50x2" 

Typhoon Haiyan Benefit @ The Lodge Gallery

131 Chrystie Street NYC, Dec 6-10th, with online bidding Dec 2-13th

SNAIL SALON curated by Adrianne Rubenstein

11/2/2013- 12/15/2013 
Opening Reception: Saturday Nov 2, 7-10PM
Regina Rex, 1717 Troutman, #329 Queens, NY 


With fireside performances and readings by Heather Guertin, Kayla Guthrie, Laura Hunt, and Nicholas Weist.  

Campfire works by Alyssa Gorelick, Rachel Higgins, Jesse Hlebo, Michael Welsh, and Lizzie Wright.  

@ White Columns, 320 W 13th Street, NY, NY

6-8 PM Sunday, October 27th 

Firelighting and performances starting at 7 PM

organized w/ Peradam

top image: Lizzie Wright, 2013, Campfire Sculpture and friends, stories, songs
bottom image: Paper moon giving light from the side gallery :)

Because Nothing Ends @ PS1/MOMA

artist book published by Peradam. can be found @ the Peradam booth @ the NY Art Book Fair @ PS1/MOMA

rm E / table 12

painting pictured above: Spotlight Peradam booth @ NYABF

image: Elizabeth and painting (TF: Studio) sitting outside on PS1 steps during our picnic book signing


@ Cleopatra\'s, 110 Meserole Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222 

2 weekends in CT @ i-m-a-r residency
Because Nothing Ends, published by peradam - upcoming release!

Because Nothing Ends is a double sided flip book consisting of uncut footage taken at Rockaway Beach this June. In the pages, Friedman\'s painting \"Thought-form: Good Luck II\" flies into the sky and dies out at sea. She did her best to collect all of the paper and pigment from the waves.

3 x 5.3 inches
180 pages + color cover
Edition of 500

September 18th, 2013

cisco sysco sisqi - An Exhibition @ the Rockaways
artcore journal features The Alfred Jensen Painting at Bellvue Hospital
was in berlin for 2 weeks doing ACSA @ Autocenter

@ Underdonk 


RM#201 1717 Troutman St. Brooklyn 

July 12th - August 11th

ART BLOG ART BLOG ef, af, oy, vey, ah, ;):))), etc.

and a B. friedman ;)that i just noticed. you just keep doing things you know. you, me and things. 

Essex Flowers opens July 28th / feature in galleryistny
PICS FROM EXHIBITION: The Alfred Jensen Painting at Bellevue Hospital
conversation w/artist & writer Mira Schor on the art21 blog

for part 2 of interview: here

conversation w/ artist Mandolyn Wilson Rosen on the art21 blog
interview about my work featured on painters\' table
interview I did about my work with Michael Rutherford on the blog Painter\'s Bread
conversation w/ artist & writer Jen Schwarting on the art21 blog
2013 in 2033 galleristny article

\"There\'s Amanda Friedman, whose craggy-shaped paintings on paper, shown in painter Eli Ping’s tiny basement gallery, were a highlight of the past year.\"

an interview I did about my work + images in forgetgoodzine
Singular Cluster @ Ruth Phaneuf Fine Arts

10-61 Jackson Ave., LIC, NY
opens Wed. Jan. 9th 6-9PM
on view through Feb. 22

Parallelograms project
Solo show @ Eli Ping Gallery

October 21 - December 2, 2012

131 Eldridge Street
New York, NY 10003
Fri.-Sun. 12-6

conversation w/ artist Janelle Iglesias on the Little Paper Planes blog
PRIMARY @ Nudashank

Opening Friday, August 17th 7 - 10pm
August 17 - September 14, 2012
405 W. Franklin St. 3rd Floor 
Baltimore, MD 

Curated by Jamillah James 

includes works by Katie Bell, Tatiana Berg, Susan Bricker, Stacy Fisher, Amanda Friedman, Joanne Greenbaum, Clare Grill, Fabienne Lasserre, Lauren Luloff and Elisa Soliven

Vision Quest exhibition, organized w/Taylor Trabulus @ Nicole Klagsbrun
at The Shandaken Project in upstate NY!
conversation w/ artist Alina Tenser on the Little Paper Planes blog
Vox Populi VIII

Vox Populi Gallery - July 6-29, 2012
319 North 11th St. 3rd fl.
Philadelphia, PA

Fakes @ Tomato House

Opening reception Friday, June 22, 6 – 10pm
June 22 - July 28, 2012
with musical performance by R.A.F.
301 Saratoga Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11233

Bushwick Open Studios Pick
Bushwick Open Studios

59 Jefferson Street, #201, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Saturday, June 2nd 12-7PM

Sunday, June 3rd 12-7PM


Opening Friday, April 27th, 7-10pm B.Y.O.B
April 27th - May 20th, 2012 566 Johnson (entrance on Stewart) Brooklyn, NY
Open Sats/Suns 12-6 or by appt.

Meghan Petras comes by the studio!

Check out Meghan\'s work

PACS Solo Show: Thought-forms

MONDAY night, March 26, 7pm-11pm
PACS Gallery
70 North 6th Street, Brooklyn
Btwn Kent & Wythe, floor 2

BULL AND RAM: Studio visit with Amanda B. Friedman
Art Book Club

Fleisher/Ollman Gallery 1616 Walnut, Suite 100 Philadelphia, PA 19103 
"You, Me, We, She" Feb. 23 - March 31, 2012

The Art Book Club at Fleisher/Ollman Saturday March 31 at 3pm. The Art Book Club—a group of artists based in New York City that meets regularly to discuss an assigned reading—invites the public to take part in a conversation about Katy Siegel's book, Since '45: America and the Making of Contemporary Art.

conversation w/ artist Josh Kline on the art21 blog
conversation w/ Erin Sickler of Arts & Labor on the art21 blog
NURTUREart Benefit
The Art Book Club at NY Art Book Fair

Elizabeth Hirsch and I made a zine together that was on sale at The Art Book Club booth. 

Check out The Art Book Club page for more information!

Art Book Club Presents @ St.Cecilia
Soft Power @ NURTUREart curated by Amanda B.Friedman & Elizabeth Hirsch
Shop 2010 / TIDE POOL @ Sara Meltzer Gallery/Projects

Garbageman/Astronaut Project Space
@ The Everett Station Lofts,
625 NW Everett St. #107
Portland, OR 97209

July 1-29, 2010

World\'s Greatest: An art sale @ Bushwick open studios
Big Apple @ Clifton Benevento
New Community Collections Window – UNICORNS!!
Parlour No. 11: When All Through the House
Giftland X: Happy House